Where the meaning of the shirts came from...   the most important chic's in my life, my little girl tribe!  My daughters.   I chose each style with their names because I felt like it just had personality and matched the personality of the most important chic's in my life!   

And after all the name of the shop, PASH, is their names!  Paige + Ashley = PASH.   So they styles are named after Paige Alaina & Ashley Nicole 

'The Pash'  sweatshirt is an incredibly soft and cozy material.  It’s perfect for cozy days at home or out & about running errands around town!
 Easily transitions from day to night.
Day with a cute pair of joggers & a jean jacket or into the night by adding some accessories like layered necklaces & bracelets, a pair of skinny jeans, and booties. 
You will love that you have this or a few in your wardrobe for versatility it brings to your looks!
Runs true to size. Size up for a more relaxed, slouchy fit. 
S: 0-4
M: 6-10
L: 10-14
XL: 14-18
'The Ashley'  is our slouchy boyfriend style t-shirt. This cozy tee is so soft and  is perfect for chilling at home, running around town doing your errands,  or dressed up with some jewelry & a cute jacket for date night or drinks with your gal pals!
This is the tee that you can’t have just one of!! Stock up your closet with your favorite quotes, inspiration or fun phrases!
 The styling ideas are endless with ‘The Ashley’:  size up and do a side knot or wear with leggings, size down to wear with cute skinny jeans & an awesome leather bomber or jean jacket.
 The is the shirt that takes you for the relaxed chill mama to dressed up and ready to go out on the town!   This is shirt for all the different hats we wear and things we juggle as a mama!   From cook & cleaner, to personal shopper & chauffeur, to the sassy fun friend with a cocktail in hand  who wants to kick back with her girl tribe, to the wife who treasures that special alone time she gets with her hubby on date nights!
 Seriously we are all the ‘Ashley’ so you need to get you some Ashley’s in your closet!
 Sizing;  unisex sizing, a relaxed fit, size down for a more fitted look.
S: 0-4
M: 6-10
L: 10-14
XL: 14-18
‘The Alaina’ is our  Ladies' Flowy Long-Sleeve Off the Shoulder Top.  Soft, comfortable, light weight. These are great for dressing up, casual wear, lounging or working out.
If you want it more slouchy size up for sure. 
They look adorable with a bralette or tank underneath and pair with skinny jeans and your favorite booties or heels.
’The Alaina’ represents that sweet girl in all of us!! The girl who loves comfort but doesn’t want to sacrifice style and wants to look super cute! 
The mamas who are crazy busy with their littles or side hustles and most days are spent in leggings & mom buns, so they long for that cute sexy look but seriously don’t want to get too dressed up and give up the comfort!!!   Everyone should have some  ‘Alaina’s in their closet for those days that you are seeking that sweet girl that has gotten lost in the crazy of life’s busyness!!
Leave the mom bun, keep the leggings, hell even keep the fuzzy socks but throw on an ‘Alaina’ overtop a cute lacy bralette or cami and see how much it lifts your spirits and you hubby won’t even notice the other cozy’s your wearing!!

'The Paige' is our everyday, basic the hoodie.  Is for the super laid-back chic in all of us!

You are crazy busy all week, you are running around like a mad woman all week trying to get it all done!  And then the weekend comes and that head strong determined chica is taking a break, Its Friday the week is over!!   Its time for a cold beer and no worries for the weekend.

Girl Grab your hoodie and chill!

Fleece pull-over hoodie.  An adult uni-sex sixing. 50% cotton, 50% polyester