You Deserve a Winter Getaway

   The holidays are over, we are finally all getting back in the swing of things!   We are one month into 2020 already!   Seriously how did January fly by or maybe you are thinking it just drug on and on...    Whatever you are feeling we need to remember we need some R & R!  You need to take care of you!  

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It seems like from October to the New Years we are on go, go mode with no rest in sight!  Everything from your kids events, prepping & preparing for the holidays, stressing over wanting everything to look & be perfect for your family, girl it takes a toll!   Am I right?!

Well the holidays come and go and we finally think yes we have some downtime in sight!!  But then the clock strikes midnight, it's a new year and we've set some pretty hefty goals, so we hit the ground running...  no rest in sight again!!

So girlfriend you deserve a mini Winter Getaway!! 

I know what you are thinking if you live in a cold weather state like me, PA girl here, then you want sun, warm, beaches!!  Because we think we live in the cold weather why on earth would we ever want to getaway to more cold weather!!

Well, it's a Mini Getaway I'm talking about here!!  Like one or two nights away from home, the kids, a chance for you and your sweetie to reconnect and to recharge for the New Year!!  Most of us can probably swing at least one night for a mini getaway!   Get creative, you don't have to spend a fortune or go far.  Look in your nearest town for cute B&B's, head to a lodge, spa or rent a cabin for  a night.

weekend winter getaway

And if your mini-getaway involves staying in the cold weather, look at it this way, do we ever fully relax at home and enjoy the coziness of Winter?   I mean I'm sure we do at times, when watching a show at night or trying to binge some Netflix on the weekend, but there is always, always something to do; dishes, laundry, cleaning, cooking, random visitors!!  When we are at home we always feel tempted to do something!!   Envision a cozy lodge with a glass of wine fireside with no interruptions!  A peaceful walk in the snow  to come back and cuddle by the fire!   You get the idea!!   


One of my favorite places (never been but I fell in love on Insta!!) is @thesistersofcedarlakes.  Little cabins nestled in the Wintery woods, with a main gathering spot for dinner fireside!   This is what I'm talking about!!

My point is it's a chance to take some much needed time for yourself and / or with your loved one!  I know for my husband and I, together 24 years, mini getaways give us a chance to re-connect. 

Why not take a mini getaway!  Whisk your sweetie away for a weekend wintery getaway!

A snowy getaway can hold so much fun;  sledding, skating, dogsledding, ice climbing, and sleigh rides. But if you aren't a fan of the great outdoors, think cozy cabin or lodge with cozy fires, a spa, hot cocoa, smores, fireside dinners & cocktails.


If a Mini Getaway isn't possible right now, consider a  Staycation!  Read our blog post here How to Plan a Staycation  (coming)

If you are ready to be whisked away for some Winter fun or Winter R&R, then read these blog posts to help you pack &  plan your outfits:

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If you could pick any place to go on a getaway right now, where would you go?

Or does a Wintery Getaway sound dreamy?

Comment below and Let's continue to chat!!   Join us in our private PASH group to share and we would love to hear about your trip!!  Our group is a laid-back, casual community of babes, just there to connect! It's a fun safe place to chat, share outfit selfies, etc...

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