Summer Bucket List - Do more things that make YOU happy

Our Summer Theme 
Create a Summer Bucket List
We believe in fun, celebrating life, and doing more of what makes you happy.

We know that life gets so busy, and as busy babes you put so much before yourself, we believe you need to take care of YOU to make your life a little bit brighter and a lot more fun. 


We have this amazing little gadget that I for one wouldn’t want to live without because it makes life & work so much easier but its always there, like an extension of our arm. I think we get so consumed with our phones sometimes, do we get so busy on our phones that we forget to live our lives? Do we scroll through social media instead of doing something that makes us feel alive & sets our soul on fire? 


Our challenge to you is to do more of what you love, do more of what makes you forget your phone! 

Do more things that make you feel connected, alive.

Do more things that set your soul on fire, that make you lose track of time.

Do more things that inspire your mind, that give you goose bumps in anticipation. Do more things that make you jump for joy, giddy with excitement.

Do more things that scare you, that make you want to hide under the covers, that make you feel uncomfortable, the kind of things that keep you learning & growing.

Do more things that challenge you in life, the kind of things that make you better.

Do more things that excited you but scare you.These are the things that are worth doing. These are the things that change you. These are the things that you will remember. These are the things that matter. 




Print this out and make your own Summer Bucket List

RIght click and save it to your computer

It will print on a full size sheet of paper 8.5 x 11"


Share your bucket list with us to inspire others to have more fun and live with a pash-ion in their lives!

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