How to Pack for a Mini Winter Getaway

Ok if your read You Deserve a Winter Getaway and I convinced you that yes you do deserve one, then read on my friend, here are some quick tips to not stress about what to pack and to not over pack because you know we have to unpack that when we get home!!! 

 I for one am guilty of over packing because always think, I never know what I want to wear and then regret it when I get home and have to put it all away!!   So I am here to help you take the guesswork out of what to pack for a Mini Winter Getaway!


How to pack for a weekend getaway 5 easy tips

How to Pack for a Mini Winter Getaway

1.  You only need  a small suitcase or weekender tote!  We love our Road Trip Tote! It's so cute and definitely Insta worthy for photos!!!

2. Try on your outfits before you pack them to ensure everything fits, matches together, and is something you actually want to wear!

3. Stick to one color palette.  This will require you to bring less clothing overall because you can pair all the pieces together in different combinations!   For example since this is a Mini Winter Getaway, your color palette could be black, white, beiges/tans.  These pieces are all neutral so they would be perfect to match with the same hat, scarf, shoes, and of course mix & match outfit combos!

4. Roll your clothing.  Rolling clothing doesn't just save space; it also ensures fewer wrinkles.

5.  Think about where you are going and what activities you will be enjoying.  If you want to take part in outdoor activities you will need more layers but if you plan to stay in, cozy side by the fire, then this requires less & you may opt for more comfort!  And if you simply aren't sure, a good formula would be to think of the outfit in layers, like you are stacking your look!   Add more layers for outside, less for inside!

For example; 

  • basic long sleeve tee
  • a sweater that can easily be worn over the basic layer, worn alone, or dress it up for dinner
  • cardigans are a perfect piece for layering  
  • puffer vest are a great option because you can take that tee, sweater, and top it off with a vest
  • leggings for lounging or wearing under your jeans for additional layers. The leggings & basic tee can also opt as lounge and/or sleepwear.
  • and of course a great pair of jeans that you can wear for play or cocktails & dinner. 
  • one pair of boots for outdoors and one pair for dinner. 
  • Don't forget the scarf, hat, and gloves.
Basically you need:
Travel /Outfit - Leggings, Basic Layer, Cardigan/Vest
Daytime Outfit - Sweater, Vest, Jeans, Boots
NIght-time Outfit - Sweater (take the same daytime sweater and change it up with a front tuck & some great jewelry), Denim (Roll at the bottom for an edgier look), Booties
Travel Home Outfit - Leggins, Basic Layer, Cardigan/Vest
Follow these tips for less packing and to create different combinations with the pieces you are packing to create these different looks!

Outfit Ideas for a Winter Weekend Getaway

Here are a of some great items that you can easily pack for your Mini Getaway and create different combination looks:
winter outfit ideaswinter outfit ideas
Don't forget your Cold Weather Accessories
Cute hats, scarves, and gloves are a must!
winter cold weather hatswinter cold weather accessories
You can shop all of our Winter Looks HERE
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Do you have any tips for packing?   Any great styling tips you would love to share?
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