How to be more grateful

'Remember the days you prayed for what you have now'

My daughter shared this quote with me, and I love it.

 A simple reminder.  In the hustle & bustle of life we sometimes forget or don't take intentional time to realize all that we have, all the things we once prayed for or sent positive vibes out about, that we have now.


With all our to do lists, commitments, responsibilities, we often don't take time to pause to intentionally think about all that we have and to acknowledge all that we are grateful for.

 Apparently, all we need is just five minutes daily to rewire our brain to be more positive, which leads to feeling happier, joyous, etc..; and this all starts with gratitude! Once we start becoming aware of the positive things in our life, we fight off the brain’s natural tendency to pick out or dwell on the negatives! As a result, we end up training our brain to be more positive and we end up becoming happier. Our thoughts create our feelings.  So, if our thoughts are on are blessings, in turn in creates good feelings!  (Who wouldn’t want more good feelings, right!?)

Gratitude is a VERY powerful tool and I am learning to practice it more and more each day.

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