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At pash we’ve always been about so much more than the clothing, gifts or accessories we have in the shop!  We want to inspire & encourage you to live with a pash-ion for life!

We want you to Feel Good. Have Fun. Celebrate Life.

With that said I am going to start to follow a theme around here so stay tuned as I gather some great content for you to live by our motto and live ‘A Pash Life’!

The idea for our themed content (so that you know what’s headed your way) + some great outfit ideas for your everyday life and to celebrate all those special occasions!   Be sure to follow us on facebook HERE so that you can follow along with all of the content we share!

*Monday Motivation – FEEL GOOD: quotes & inspiration to inspire us to find more pash-ion in our lives!

*Tasty Tuesday – CELEBRATE LIFE: with food & drinks!  Recipes, cocktails and ideas for parties, gatherings, girls nights, meal ideas, date nights at home!

*Wellness Wednesday – FEEL GOOD.  We need to take care of ourselves!  To live a live we love, one filled with passion & fun we need to take care of our health & well-being. Wednesday’s are all about our health & tips for feeling good in our mind, body & spirit!

*Take Charge Thursday - this one is about all 3 – FEEL GOOD, HAVE FUN, CELEBRATE LIFE.  To find our pash-ion in life, we must take charge and find the things that make us happy.  Only we can, no one else is going to do it for us. If we want to live a life we love, we have to find out what we love.   Thursday’s are all about taking charge of our own lives!

   *And occasionally we might throw in Thirsty Thursday! – with some great cocktail & mocktail recipes

*Fun Friday – HAVE FUN. Do more thing you love, more things that make you happy!  On Friday’s we share fun ideas, tips, stories & ideas from others on what sparks pash-ion in their lives.

*Celebrating Saturdays – CELEBRATE LIFE. Life is not merely to just live, it’s to live well & celebrate the life we’ve been given!

  “I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.  That each of them may eat and drink and find satisfaction in all their toil – this is a gift from God.”   Ecclesiastes 3:12

*Soulful Self-Care Sundays – FEEL GOOD. And of course, we need a day to re-charge!  Sundays are all about resting and doing things to take care of ourselves.

++++ Outfit inspiration, styling tips and all the goods from the shop!  Because we can’t live life feeling good, having fun & celebrating without a great outfit!  When we look good, we feel good!

Xo, Mara

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