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    A free style guide - An outfit inspiration lookbook

    Do you wake up and have no clue what to wear? You have a closet full of clothes but you need a little outfit inspiration, some ideas on what outfit to put together? Get a FREE Outfit Lookbook ~ A guide to some outfit inspiration!  CLICK HERE TO GET IT FOR YOURSELF View Post

    Outfit Tips: Style tips to use what you already have in your closet

    Do you feel like you have nothing to wear, but you have a closet full of clothes? Maybe you just need to change things up a bit...   How to use what you have to update your outfits?   Hey girl are you like me and have a closet full of clothes but can't find anything to wear, o... View Post

    How to be more grateful

    'Remember the days you prayed for what you have now' My daughter shared this quote with me, and I love it.  A simple reminder.  In the hustle & bustle of life we sometimes forget or don't take intentional time to realize all that we have, all the things we once prayed for or sent positive vib... View Post

About the ShopKeeper

Hey, sweet friend!  I'm Mara.  I'm a Wife, Mom to 2 amazing young ladies & one furry fella, Boss Babe, HomeBody, Beach Lover and a Creative at Heart who loves to find ways to help us feel amazing!

I'm so happy you are here with me!  It's always cozy, mostly casual, sometimes cute and you are always welcome and cocktails are always served!

Cheers Babe, to feeling & living your best!