( they also had a friend that was snapchat not pictured here)

Step1:  Purchase supplies  

You will need: 

 (some of these links are affiliate links to Amazon.  Of course you can get most of these supplies at your local fabric or craft store)

Here are some pictures of your supplies so that you know what you are looking for:

Step 2: Google Instagram, Twitter images.  Right click on image and save it to your computer

Step 3: Print out image onto the transfer paper.  Follow the instructions on the transfer paper to print out your images and iron it onto the t-shirts.

Step 4:  Make your tulle skirts.  (I do not have complete pictures for this so I am going to share some other tutorials for this one)  This was the fun part!  If you like being creative or just the pride in knowing you made it yourself!! Its very therapeutic!!

Go here for complete instructions at 

How to Make a Tulle Tutu

Or here's a video on How to Make a tulle Tutu/Skirt

And that's it, that's all there is to creating your very own Halloween Costume.

You can wear this one with any shoes, leggings or accessories!

 DIY Halloween Costumes - DIY toothfairy -DIY Twitter Costume - DIY Instagram Costume




Step1:  Purchase supplies  -  You can choose other colors if your prefer.  I chose to stick with all white & shimmer to create the DIY toothfairy costume.

You will need: 

  • Fabric transfer paper for use with inkjet printer
  • Iron
  • Plain White T-Shirt
  • Elastic 
  • White Shorts
  • White Tights
  • Glitter shoes ( I used slippers, very cheap!)
  • Headband to create the tooth crown
  • Wings -  I used angel wings can usually be purchased separately at any costume store
  • Duck Brand Silver Glitter Adhesive Film Sheets  (its like duct tape in sheets!)  - You will use this to make the tooth for the front of your shirt and a little tooth for your headband crown.

  • Optional:  Tooth Fairy wand.  You can probably find a cheap princess wand at the Dollar store and cover it with the duct tape and create another tooth for the wand.

 (some of these links are affiliate links to Amazon.  Of course you can get most of these supplies at your local fabric or craft store)

 Step 2:   Google an image of a tooth.  Print it out on regular paper. Cut it out. Trace it onto the duct tape sheets.  Cut it out of the duct tape sheets.  Adhere to Shirt

Step 3:  Do the same in step 2 to create smaller teeth for wand and crown.   You will need 2 for each to stick back to back.  So basically take the small tooth once you cut it out and wrap a piece of the bottom around the handband, take another tooth and stick it to the back of that tooth.  Do the same with the wand.

Step 4:  Make your tulle skirt.  Follow instructions above.  Only you will be using white, white shimmer or silver tulle.

That's really all there is to it, these were really simple DIY Halloween Costumes.

 There you go 3 DIY Halloween Costumes!!  

Happy Halloween!

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