One Item Your Wardrobe Needs & How To Use it to Easily Change the Look of Any Outfit

There are so many different items it could be!  The one item that your wardrobe needs could be a jean jacket, moto jacket, blazer, jeans, sneakers, heels...

There are so many possibilities! 

But I believe the one item your closet needs is a utility jacket!

Once you have it, you are going to love it!

Your Wardrobe Needs a Utility Jacket

Utility Jacket

A great utility jacket or sometimes called a military jacket, is as versatile as a jean jacket but won't give you denim overload if you're already wearing denim elsewhere. 

This Fall I finally got a utility jacket which you can purchase here.  And I wore it all the time.  I found that it was my one go to item when I needed something more for an outfit. 

For example,  take this outfit I have on here:  distressed black skinny jeans worn with a black graphic tee.  Without the green utility jacket, the outfit would have just been too plain, too much black on black.  The outfit needed something else.

The green utility jacket was a perfect match!

I love how the utility jacket is so functional with all of its pockets, zip up, drawstring for cinching the sides for a more form fitting look.
It adds a touch of casual trendy style to any outfit with little effort!

A utility jacket looks great with your favorite graphic tee!

The Utility Jacket is a Wardrobe Must Have

I found myself wearing it to run errands, lunch with my girls, or a girls day out!

How To Use it to Easily Change the Look of Any Outfit 

There are so many outfit possibilities for the utility jacket:

Denim jeans + Graphic Tee + Utility Jacket + Booties or Sneakers

Black Jeans + Graphic Tee + Utility Jacket + Duck Books or  Boots like Uggs

Joggers + Casual Long Sleeve Top + Utility Jacket + Cute Sneakers

You can even wear a utility jacket in a professional setting too!  Look for a lightweight jacket with a more tailored details, like a drape front or a hidden drawstring to cinch in the waist.

The green utility jacket comes in different colors and is the perfect must have item for any wardrobe!  You will quickly find that it will be your go to item and one that you can quickly grab on your way out the door.
Utility Jackets available at the Pash Shop in Green & Wine

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